Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Let them play twice

Mitch Albom makes the case for why Michigan and Ohio State should play twice.

If the Michigan-Ohio State football game this Saturday is a close contest then every unbiased college football fan knows these teams should play again in the national championship game. These two teams are the two best teams in college football and if they aren't allowed to play again then November 18 (not January 8th) is when the real national championship game will be played.

Florida might be able to make an interesting game with either of these teams but they lost to Auburn (who got whipped by Georgia) and barely beat Vanderbilt and South Carolina. USC doesn't deserve to be ranked in the top 10. Notre Dame seems only not to struggle when they're planning the armed forces schools. Rutgers? Yeah, right. I'm sorry but anyone who takes a team that beat a 1-9 North Carolina by 5 points and South Florida by 2 points as a serious national championship contender doesn't deserve to have a vote.

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