Thursday, November 09, 2006

Life Links 11/9/06

Greg Koukl on partial-birth abortion and moral velocity

After the election, American Life League's Judie Brown spends time self-righteously attacking other prolifers (including Rick Santorum) and other prolife organizations because they pay attention to politics where Judie "only pay(s) attention to the babies." Gee, thanks. She also seems unable to comprehend that the citizens of South Dakota don't necessarily want "abortion on demand" when they voted down a ban on abortion. What I read about South Dakota's ban, it seems likely that the law would have passed by a large margin if it had exceptions for rape and incest. Judy's problem is her complete inability to understand that if you have a complete all-or-nothing-this-exact-instant approach to abortion then almost all of the time you're going to end up with absolutely nothing. If it's all about the babies (as Judie says), then shouldn't we work on things that actually get us closer to our goal of protecting unborn children as opposed to measures which consistently fail and don't save any babies?

Wesley Smith on the continued hype of the Missouri cloning initiative.

Ed Whelan thinks there is still room for strong judicial nominees.

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