Monday, November 20, 2006

Life Links 11/20/06

Patrick McIlheran: The hot button's hot since it's about who's human
We face the same questions as Aristotle, says Furton: "There's still good and evil, right and wrong conduct." You tell them apart, out on the edge of science, by sticking with what's worked. Don't kill humans. Don't maim them. Don't treat them as materials.
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Abortion clinics in Alabama will now be inspected at least once a year. This is after a woman who was full-term was given RU-486 after being told she was six weeks pregnant at an abortion clinic which is now shut down and more recently an abortion clinic administrator at a different abortion clinic was caught ordering drugs and then taking them for her own use.

Women who illegally import RU-486 in Australia could face time in jail or a large fine if caught.

Julian Sanchez (a pro-choicer) argues it is against the interests of those in favor of legal abortion to take a more "moderate" stand (the "abortion is bad but should be legal" position) on abortion. Also, notice how Julian defines the differences "between humans and other animals." I wonder if he thinks infanticide is no "more regrettable than a root canal."

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