Monday, November 13, 2006

Life Links 11/13/06

Stem cells from human bone marrow have been used by researchers from Tulane University to fix cells which are responsible for diabetes in mice. The researchers are planning on having trials with human patients in the future.

Cassing Hammond has an editorial in the Chicago Sun-Times on his opposition to the partial-birth abortion ban case. Notice that the procedure in question is never once described or identified. I wonder why? This is the same Dr. Hammond who testified that he sometimes uses his finger to puncture the head of a partially-born child. (Page 6)

Steve Wagner at the Stand to Reason Blog is providing the results to various questions asked to college students at California State University - Northridge. Questions include: how many abortions take place in California every day, up until what point can a woman obtain a legal abortion in the U.S. and up until what point do you think abortions should be legal. You might find the answers surprising.

Jordan Lorence on the prolife protestor who shouted during the oral arguments in Gonzales v. Carhart.

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