Thursday, November 02, 2006

Another example of why the pro-choice movement is losing

This time via Ann at Feministing.

Ann links to a web game from Planned Parenthood of Illinois where people looking to get prescription for emergency contraception are confronted by protestors with various signs including "I miss the 50's!," "Keep women BAREFOOT & PREGNANT," "Conditions for sex: married, procreating, missionary position," and "Birth Control is for LOOSE WOMEN." I wonder how often individuals protest Wal-greens (or other pharmacies) over carrying EC. If you've ever been to Chicago (where I swear there's a Wal-Greens on every corner) you know that task would be impossible.

Ann writes, "If I'm not mistaken, these are all things the anti-choice crowd believes."

You are mistaken and the fact that you think these are all things prolifers believe shows you haven't really tried to understand the positions and beliefs of individuals who are prolife. You'd rather just presume their beliefs are foolish or old-fashioned.

Ann is so incredibly ignorant about what prolife people believe she thinks prolife people want to keep women "barefoot and pregnant." She then argues that prolife views are "incredibly outdated."

What I find incredibly outdated is the lame "they want to keep women barefoot and pregnant" assertion. I mean, come on - how old and stale is that.

As long as the mainstream pro-choice movement continues to utterly fail in addressing prolife arguments and continues to raise up laughable strawmen as representative of the prolife movement, they will continue to lose in the battle for the hearts and minds of America's young people.

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