Wednesday, October 25, 2006

What now Michael J. Fox?

People against human cloning for research also have celebrities on their side. Watch Jim Caviezel, Kurt Warner, Patricia Heaton, Jeff Suppan (he'll be pitching for the Cardinals tonight against the Tigers) and Mike Sweeney (he plays for the Kansas City Royals) smack down Missouri's cloning initiative.

UPDATE: According to Kathryn Jean Lopez, this commercial will air during Game 4 of the World Series tonight in Missouri. A commercial featuring Jeff Suppan ripping on Amendment Two will air on the night he's pitching and every Cardinal fan in Missouri will be watching. Ouch!! Did I mention Suppan was the National League Championship Series MVP? Double ouch!! I'm guessing the Stowers and their $28 million aren't going to be happy about that.

I'm still rooting for the Tigers but it will be tough to root against Suppan.

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