Tuesday, October 03, 2006

An update on the Michigan Citizens for Stem Cell Research and Cures

Their web site (as of today) is still down. It will be a week tomorrow since they took down their web site filled with plagiarized information because of a "maintenance" problem. That must be one heck of a maintenance problem.

Yet as Serge points the fact that their web site is down still hasn't stopped some of Michigan's newspapers from promoting MCSCRC and their web site and showing how incredibly lazy/biased/absurd/ these newspapers are.

Nor has the internet "maintenance" problem stopped the Michigan Citizens for Stem Cell Research and Cures from trying to deceive people via other venues. They'll be leading a panel at MichBio's expo and their executive director Marcia Baum will be the moderator. They've also asked the members of MichBio to fill out a survey on stem cell research which starts with a misleading question.

The first question on the survey asks, "Are you aware of the Michigan statute banning embryonic stem cell research?"

The problem with this question is that Michigan law doesn't ban embryonic stem cell research. It bans killing embryos for research. It doesn't prevent researchers from experimenting on embryonic stem cell lines - which is exactly what's going on at the University of Michigan.

The survey site also notes how MCSCRC is a 501(c)3 non-profit which means they shouldn't be promoting legislation or taking a position on legislation. Anyone who saw their web site before they took it down would have to be a little slow not to know what the MCSCRC thought about Andy Meisner's legislation to legalize killing embryos and human cloning for research. They're all for it and Meisner is even on their advisory board.

Isn't it nice to know that an organization devoted to educating Michigan's citizens on stem cell research would start their survey with such a misleading question? Isn't it nicer to know they'd be promoting legislation while holding the tax status of a group which isn't supposed to take a position on legislation?

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