Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Tax-funded abortions with no real restrictions - yeah, it's tough to get an abortion in California

In a state like California, where there's no parental consent, 59% of counties have an abortion provider, abortion providers don't need to report the number of abortion they perform (probably somewhere around 250,000 a year) and tax dollars are used to pay for abortions, you'd think it be tough to make a case that getting an abortion in California is difficult with a straight face. But Tali Woodward with the San Francisco Bay Guardian is up to the task. The article also highlights the delusional thinking of some abortion proponents who house women coming to the Bay area for abortions. They actually compare themselves to the Underground Railroad.

The second to last sentence regarding a proposal to have a parental consent law passed in California is classic: "It would join the long list of obstacles that women face when they decide to end their pregnancies."

The long list being:
Paying for the abortion, that is, if California won't pay for it
Finding an abortion provider
Finding transportation to the abortion provider

It's almost like in a fantasy world for these abortion advocates (who'd also probably claim they want abortion to be rare) there would be at least one abortion provider for every 20 square miles and California would pay for every abortion and help transport women to the doors of abortion providers.

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