Friday, October 06, 2006

Gotta love those Detroit papers

Amazing isn't it how a story publicity stunt about Muhammad Ali endorsing Jennifer Granholm for governor because of her advocacy for killing more humans embryos for embryonic stem cell research gets an AP press story and is printed in a number of papers while the press release exposing advocates of killing embryos for research as uninformed plagiarizers gets nothing.

Also notice the extra bit of information at the end of the AP story from the Louisville Courier-Journal which is left out of the Detroit Free Press story linked above and other stories.
However, the group Michigan Citizens for Stem Cell Research and Cures is pushing to have the need for more embryonic stem cell research part of the public debate.

They warn that Michigan's restrictions could leave Michigan out of the race to find new cures, hurting research and the state economy.

Why isn't this part in the Free Press story? And wouldn't this be a perfect time for the Free Press to include a blurb about how the MCSCRC's web site has been down for more than a week (the week of Oct. 2 is quickly coming to a close) after Right to Life of Michigan exposed their web site plagiarism? Or maybe mention how Granholm is on the advisory committee to this organization?

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