Tuesday, October 10, 2006

The Danger of the Religious Right

Watch out according to Harry Cook and Sherwin Wine's editorial in the Detroit News because the "rightist axis of politicians and fundamentalist clergy is a clear and present danger to our health, well-being and economic strength."

Cook and Wine also claim that intelligent design is a "fundamentalist religion disguised in a lab coat."

We're also told that Michigan will become an "an educational, medical and economic backwater" if intelligent design is taught in classrooms and if the non-existent prohibitions on embryonic stem cell research are not repealed. If these two things can be stopped (teaching intelligent design and keeping non-existent restrictions in place) then Michigan's economic growth will be ensured and Michigan will become more attractive to "21st century companies." I'm guessing both Cook and Wine don't know what Michigan law says and I'm assuming they're talking about embryonic stem cell research but the term "embryonic" is never mentioned. Michigan law doesn't prohibite embryonic stem cell research. Michigan law prohibites the killing of human embryos for research. It is legal for Michigan researchers to import embryonic stem cells and experiment on them in Michigan.

Cook and Wine also introduce a new freedom scientists supposedly have: "the freedom to experiment." Are there any restrictions to this "freedom" or is it completely unfettered? Cook and Wine don't say.

We're told that "economic self-interest" must motivate us to reject intelligent design and remove any restrictions on stem cell research (does this include allowing human cloning for research?). We're also told that the law prohibiting the destruction of human embryos in Michigan "amount(s) to indifference to human health and well-being." Funny, the purpose of the law was to make sure researchers weren't indifferent to the lives and well-being of unborn human beings.

Did I mention Cook and Wine are members of the clergy? Cook is an Episcopal minister and Wine is a rabbi.

How sad is state of some members of the clergy when "economic self-interest" is their guiding light instead of their Creator? How disappointing is it when members of the clergy put "economic self-interest" above truth and the lives of unborn human beings? How pathetic is it when members of the clergy turn to deceptive politicians like Andy Meisner for guidance instead of the word of God?

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