Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Some questions for Jennifer Granholm regarding abortion

As part of your plan to keep your job as Michigan's governor, you've got a new TV commercial out which claims,
"Jennifer Granholm personally oppose abortion, but she believes that this deeply personal and private decision should be made by a woman and her doctor, and not by politicians."
What does saying you "personally oppose abortion" mean?

Why do you "personally oppose abortion?"

Is there something wrong with abortion?

Why is the "ideal" number of abortions "zero?"

Is it because abortion intentionally ends the life of an innocent human being?

That means you think it should be legal to intentionally kill innocent human beings, right?

Or is there some other reason to personally oppose abortion?

When you say "that this deeply personal and private decision should be made by a woman and her doctor," aren't you forgetting someone?

Your ad also claims Dick DeVos' position on abortion is "extreme." Do you think the numerous individuals and politicians from your party - two of the six Democratic House members from Michigan, numerous state senators and state house members, longtime Michigan Attorney General Frank Kelley (who you called "my friend" during your state of the state address) and Scott Bowen (who was your choice for the Democratic Attorney General nomination this year) - who have the same position as Dick DeVos are "extreme?"

Did you write a letter to the Knights of Columbus in 1999 and claim you supported life ‘from the moment of conception to the natural end of life?'

If you are personally opposed to abortion, why did you go to a "luncheon gala" for EMILY's List, arguably the most pro-abortion group in the country?

If you're personally opposed to abortion, have you ever donated time or money to your local pregnancy center?

Why do you continue to lie about whether the ban on partial-birth abortion ban you vetoed had life of the mother and health of the mother exceptions?

How do you sleep at night?

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