Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Wrong turns and forgiveness

Candy is the mother of an eighth grade boy and has been asked to share with her son "what wrong turns have you made in your life?" for a class they're part of at their church.

She writes,

"So this morning I sat down and wrote to him about the abortion I had when I was 19 - the biggest but not the on(l)y mistake I've ever made, obviously. This won't be the first time Max has heard about my abortion. When I decided I needed to start talking about, after healing had begun in earnest, I knew Max needed to know first. He was generous in his grace and ability to forgive me. Unfortunately, one thing I have learned is that he also has since justified abortion in several settings where it's been discussed just because him "mom had one". I've tried to tell him that it was a mistake, a terribly bad choice, and certainly not one to be glossed over or justified. I'm not sure how to get that through to him so I hope he reads this note once he has received his notebook this weekend at the banquet. I want him to know there are terrible mistakes and we make them, but that none of them is unforgiveable. I want him to know that God forgives and forgets. I want him to know that eventually we can forgive ourselves."

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