Thursday, February 16, 2006

"but seein i was so young i didn't have a say in it"

Blogger Sarah shares how her abortion was her parents' choice. It also seems her abortion clinic didn't provide very much information about fetal development to her.

"ok yeah i also dont believe in abortions but seein i was so young i didn't have a say in it, my parents set it all up and i just went along with it, i was so young i only had just turned 17 but gee calling me a murderer before a baby has a heart beat is kinda stupid seeing the baby couldn't be killed because the baby neither had a heart or brain, i can't believe how childish people can be, its not them that had to go through the abortion it was hard for me because in those 7 weeks i got attached to it and i had to give it up something that i have wanted, i wanted to have the baby i would have loved it, but i was young, James was young and we couldn't handle having a baby."

Would Sarah have rejected her parents' choice of abortion if she knew that her "baby" actually did have a heart and a brain?

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  1. That reminds me of what happened to my babysitter. She was 16 and her mom told her, "I have $160. Tomorrow you can come with me to Planned Parenthood, or I can take you to the bus station and you can buy a one-way ticket to anyplace that $160 will take you."

    She asked about the baby but the counselor at PP told her that there was no baby, just something that looked "like a blood clot."

    They lie to these girls to get them to abort.