Thursday, February 16, 2006

"they will always be my babies!"

Krazie Elmo shares her abortion story from seven years ago.

"When i was with my ex, when i was 18 (barely) we found out i was pregnant for the first time. At first we were happy and excited.
Let me explain something else, my ex was sexually and mentally/emotionally abusive.
So as i was saying, after i was 6 weeks (1 weeks later) he got me down to my lowest point emotionally/mentally and told me I HAD to get an abortion. So being who I was then, I did when i was 16 weeks pregnant at a clinic in cabbagetown. While there, I took a peek at my chart AND ultrasound they did. It was 2 babies! I made a promise to them that i would never forget them and that i hope they could forgive my actions. I have always considered them my first children, my angels. I never knew them, or what gender they were but they will always be my babies!"

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