Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Men trying to coerce women into abortion

It happens every day.

"i just spoke txt my bf and asked him how he would feel if i decided i couldn't go through it and his first reaction was to blame this website for putting ideas in my head! then he txt saying, 'well you might as wel drop out of uni now, cancel ur phone contract, ill sell my car n no holiday n we'll live in a council house, how do u feel bout that for the rest of ur life?'

That tells me he is being completely selfish and more concerned about what his life is gonna be like in the long run if i have the baby, he clearly has no idea about the hell im going through and will go through either choice i make."

"My BF was very nice to me when i told him i was so upset and it took every bit of gutts i had to face him and tell him i was pregnant, we had a 10 min discussion over it (he was busy) and he said it was too soon for us in our realationship we had only been seeing each other for 2 months and he didnt want another child he's 42 and his youngest is 5yrs. he convinced me to terminate the baby. I went home feeling sick and crying.
The next day his attidude changed and he became distant I pushed him to talk about it again as i was a mess and he said he wasnt sure he could have another child and one again convinced me to end it. I left feeling lost and alone but prepared for Him to abort the baby. "

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  1. Yeah, legal abortion really empowers women, doesn't it?