Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Nationalism run amok

The Los Angeles Times has a story on the reporters and whistle blowers who helped prove that Hwang Woo-Suk's human cloning research was fraudulent. The story also notes the ugly face of South Korean nationalism.

Some supporters argue that even if Hwang lied, the South Korean media shouldn't have exposed him because it will put the country at a disadvantage with the United States in the competitive biotech industry.

"You're America's dog," fumed a Hwang loyalist in an angry posting on MBC's online bulletin board. "Those who buried the greatest scientist in the history of the Korean people will incur the wrath of the heavens."......

Although the "pro-truth" camp, as Choi puts it, is now beginning to outweigh the pro-Hwang camp, the network still receives about 1,500 messages a day complaining about the coverage.

"Even now," Choi said, "people still believe in Hwang's righteousness."

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