Monday, February 13, 2006

Blogs dealing with abortion

Jayme starts her blog by sharing this:

Actually I dont know what to think--- He and I sat down in December and had a long heart to heart you could say and I found out that the whole time he was sleeping with me he was sleeping with other people. I was crushed of course--then I found out I was pregnant with his baby-- he didnt care but he didnt want it--at first he said it wasnt his which he knew better. But he talked me into an abortion- now I feel totally guilty. I dont know what to do I wish he would see me before I disappear.

Verity says she is planning on having an abortion in a post titled "baby going to go :("

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  1. But if you say, "Just say no to sex with losers," you're a kill-joy. What joy has this relationship brought into this girl's life?