Wednesday, February 08, 2006

LifeLinks 2/8/06

One blogger share her story as a birth mother.

A number of Irish blogs are debating the legalization of abortion.

How one young woman feels after her second trimester abortion:

"I have no enthusiasm for anything. I don't want to wake up in the morning, don't want to go to school. I do because my mom forces me. I get to school and I'm a little better because I'm with my friends and they're hyper\happy\silly. They don't know about all of this though. I come home and I sleep and talk to my friends. I don't do my school work. I dont even want to eat, just eat so I'll still be alive. By no means am I suicidal or anything. I just lost all motivation in me."

Pro-choice moderator Eyelid thinks the symptoms described above sound more like a physical problem than an emotional problem. But then again for Eyelid, it's tough to imagine that any bad emotions after an abortion could be based on anything more than pregnancy hormones.


  1. I couldn't post to the second-tri girl's blog as me, but could post anon, that she needs to find a support group of those who've been through the same thing.

    They're seriously frightened of compassion from folks who oppose abortion. What's with that?

  2. I don't think they see it as compassion. They see any effort by prolife people as hate-filled and judgemental.

    Eyelid has no thought that a girl who carries her child for 14 weeks could form some kind of emotional bond.

  3. Anonymous2:29 PM

    I think part of the reason they're so defensive is that unfortuantly they've been trolled by mean-spirited or well-meaning pro-lifers who've said hurtful things. But they are close-minded to think only hormones can cause post-abortion stress, because that doesn't take into consideration the woman's personal feelings and beliefs. And although they're trying to be well-meaning, I don't think they're going to help this woman find closure or healing.