Thursday, June 14, 2007

LifeLinks Colorado Right to Life addition

Colorado Right to Life is no longer a National Right to Life Committee affiliate. Jill Stanek has the details. Jill also received an e-mail from a lawyer from the Thomas More Society noting how Colorado Right to Life's Bob Enyart took one of his quotes out of context. From the bottom of this post by Leslie Hanks it appears Colorado Right to Life will soon be affiliating themselves with American Life League. I hope they spend their resources on working to save lives and not on filing lawsuits against other prolife organizations.

Meanwhile, Colorado RTL's Ed Hanks is upset about Stanek's recent column on his organization's strategies. His post fails to provide evidence or good reasoning as to why his group's strategy will work and makes a number of assertions which don't make any sense to me. He constantly uses the term "evil" to describe prolife laws such as parental consent and informed consent laws which have saved thousands of lives. (Ed, try to imagine for one second how you'd feel if someone called your strategy "evil" - not "mistaken," not "bad," but "evil.") He also claims the prolife laws he opposes make a 40% reduction in abortion impossible.

Really? Cough(Michigan )Cough, Cough(Mississippi)Cough.

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