Thursday, June 28, 2007

Embryonic stem cell derived from "parthenogenetic embryos"

Is this headline, Stem cells made from eggs, not embryos, appropriate when the experts who are quoted don't agree on whether a human embryo is created or not? Both George Daley (who is in favor of embryonic stem cell research) and Father Tad Pacholczyk (who is opposed to embryonic stem cell research) believe these are embryos while Ronald Green (in favor of ESCR) doesn't. So why does the headline read like there is some kind of consensus? Especially when the researchers in the title of their article say they derived the stem cells from "blastocysts" (a type of embryo) and later use the term "parthenogenetic embryos" to describe what they created.

Parthenogenesis is a term used to describe a type of asexual reproduction where the development of an organism occurs without a male contribution. It occurs naturally in some species and in 2004 scientists used an artificial parthenogenetic technique to create 2 newborn mice.

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