Thursday, June 21, 2007

Hillary Clinton falsely claims embryonic stem cell research is "ban(ned)"

What an irresponsible statement from a presidential candidate.
As President, I will lift the ban on ethical embryonic stem cell research and allow our scientists to pursue treatments that could help millions of Americans.
Why must proponents of embryonic stem cell research continually lie about whether human embryonic stem research is banned or not and whether it receives federal funds or not?

Read some of the comments below the post on Hillary's site and you'll begin to get an idea of how ignorant the average American is about stem cell research. It's embarrassing how misinformed these people are. This has been a fairly major political issue for more than five years and yet they know literally nothing. They know one make-believe story line which basically states, "Embryonic stem cell research is likely to cure numerous diseases in the near future. We can't cure these diseases because President Bush has banned this research." Some of them don't even seem to understand there is such a thing as adult stem cell research. None of them seem to understand the federal government has provided more than $100 million for human embryonic stem cell research in the past four years and plans to spend an additional $74 million in the next two.

Sadly, leading political proponents of embryonic stem cell research, instead of be honest with the American people, continue to intentionally propagate myths they know are false.
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