Tuesday, June 26, 2007

"But I already knew what I had to do...."

Stand to Reason's Amy Hall has pointed me to this article on MSN web site by a woman who had an abortion after it was discovered the child had an open neural tube defect. Some quotes:
But I already knew what I had to do....

Walking around with a belly full of broken dreams, I felt like I was drowning. I couldn't shower, because I didn't want to touch my stomach and accept that there was life in there; yet I couldn't bring myself to have a glass of wine to calm my nerves, because, of course, I knew there was....

This was a 19-week-old baby, one that I desperately wanted, that would be pulled out of me bit by bit -- that's the way it works through the "dilation and evacuation" procedure.

I stared at the screen. The president was, in essence, calling me a baby killer.

I think Amy adds some valuable insights about how hard it would be to change this woman's mind about abortion after she's had one. This woman calls the child that was inside her a "baby," wouldn't have a drink of alcohol (seemingly because it would be wrong because alcohol could hurt the child), and defensively claims she "had" to have an abortion. She recognizes that she choose to have her child killed. I would guess she thinks President Bush is calling her a "baby killer" because that's how she views herself at certain times.

After reading Gretchen Voss' story, I had the feeling that I'd read this story before. I had. It was in the Boston Globe in 2004. She wrote a message to pro-choice activists for NARAL in April of 2007 after Nancy Keenan read her story in Marie Claire. In her message to NARAL supporters, Voss falsely asserted, "If President Bush's Federal Abortion Ban had been in force on that day, my husband and I wouldn't have had this option." The story of her abortion is always tied to her making inaccurate claims (parroted from pro-choice groups) about partial-birth abortion legislation.

I wonder how Voss would respond if someone asked her if it should be legal to kill infants born with open neural tube defects? After this story, it doesn't appear she could claim that would be different because the unborn aren't human beings since she seems to accept that her unborn children were living human beings.

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