Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Life Links 6/13/07

A man in Sweden has been sentenced to one year in jail after mixing abortion pills into his girlfriend's food.
Having completed her meal, the woman became nauseous, began bleeding and was close to having a miscarriage.

A 19-year-old writes into the Mirror's (a UK online newspaper) Dr. Miriam about her feelings after an abortion.

I wonder how much of the $450 million New Jersey lawmakers want to spend on stem cell research will be spent on adult stem cell research.

Michigan State professor Leonard Fleck appears open to sharing his ignorance regarding stem cell research and the State News reporter Pete Nicols could use some help as well. Man, if only the federal government provided funding for stem cell research. Oh wait, they do.

Meanwhile, scientists in Spain are using lasers (pretend I'm using the word "lasers" like Dr. Evil from Austin Powers) to implant adult stem cells into the hearts of patients.

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