Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Judie Brown is delusional

In a recent editorial, which was unfortunately posted by Leslie Hanks at ProlifeBlogs, Judie Brown again attacks Dr. James Dobson for being in favor of a ban on partial-birth abortion because the ban won't prevent any abortions and defends her organization's public attack on him. Yet her organizations and others are and will continue spending boatloads of their donors' money on advertisements which don't do a thing to prevent abortions and arguably hurt the prolife movement and its goals. Here's a thought: If your problem with the PBA ban is that it doesn't prevent abortions, then maybe you should be spending your donors' dollars on something which prevents abortions instead of on newspaper ads attacking other prolifers.

Probably the worst part is Brown's phony defense of her call for Dobson to repent.
Dr. Dobson and those who agree with his position to repent of their support for this sad, cruel Supreme Court ruling is in fact a sincere plea based on our respect for them and, more importantly, our respect for the truth.
Yep, that call to repent in a newspaper advertisements was done out of respect. You're not fooling anybody.

She cites prolifers being in favor of a ruling that allows legislation to ban a certain type of abortion procedure as evidence that "moral relativism has crept into pro-life politics and blinded many from seeing the difference between fact and fiction." Which leaves me wondering if she has any clue what moral relativism is especially since she seems to think political correctness and moral relativism are the same thing.

Remember this is the same woman who attacked legislators in Colorado for introducing an abortion ban with a life of the mother exception without ever taking the time to read the ban and realize it had the exact same life of the mother exception as the South Dakota ban she supported. And then when I pointed out her error she acted like she made no mention of the Colorado bill.

I think it's time for some people at American Life League to seriously consider if Judie Brown should continue in a leadership role.

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