Monday, June 25, 2007

Life Links 6/25/07

Some Romanian gangs have been trying to sell infants at supermarket parking lots in some European countries.

One pro-choice woman's experience with RU-486 (mifepristone/misoprostol) as told in Marie Claire. HT: After Abortion
But you know what else would help? If doctors and clinic staff dispelled the misconception many women have that the "early option" is an easy option. In all fairness, my postabortion experience was, according to several gynecologists, more severe than most. It's entirely possible that the aftershocks I suffered were magnified by grief as well as guilt that I'd brought this on myself. But was it the abortion pill that magnified my grief and guilt over ending the pregnancy or the grief and guilt that magnified my reaction to the abortion pill? There's no way to really know.

Wesley Smith: Blank Check Ethics: Here Come the "Manimals"

Ramesh Ponnuru reviews Lee Silver's recent book Challenging Nature.
Many of Silver's quarrels with evangelical and Catholic conservatives display a weak grasp of the material. is not part of the "evangelical press." The Catholic Church did not reach the conclusion that embryos should be protected from conception onward because of a belief that sperm were tiny human beings. The view that embryos have "a rational nature" is not "equivalent to saying that a single cell can think on its own and make sensible choices about its future life." The word "goods" is not "a term used uniquely by adherents of natural law." Pro-lifers have no ambition to deny other people's rights "not to hold a Christian belief in the ensoulment of an early embryo"; they merely deny that people have a right to kill embryos on the basis of their beliefs. The proposed ban on cloning would not make it a crime to go overseas to get medical treatments based on cloning and then return to the U.S. The congressman who introduced that bill is named David, not Joseph, Weldon. And so, alas, on.

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