Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Life Links 6/27/07

Turn Around on Abortion. Christopher Blunt and Fred Steeper discuss the shift of public opinion on the abortion issue in the state of Missouri. One interesting note is the rise in prolife feelings among those who seldom or never attend church. Also of note, women aged 18-29 are more prolife than other age and gender groups.

I can't find mainstream news sites which verify this story but LifeSite News (Update: LifeSite has retracted the story) and a blog from Brussels are reporting that a pastor in Germany was sentenced to a year in jail after he compared abortion to the holocaust.

In the shadow of the increasing numbers of abortions in Britain, doctors at the British Medical Association voted in favor of removing the requirement that women obtain signatures from two doctors on abortions performed in the first 13 weeks of pregnancy.

UPI has a story about how U.S. scientists have used adult stem cell to treat patients with angina.
Within three to six weeks after the patients were injected with their own stem cells, many who used to experience pain just from walking to the refrigerator, reported only having pain when climbing two flights of stairs, researchers reported.
Don't worry this is another story of successful treatment with adult stem cells which won't get a lot of media attention.

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