Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Life Links 6/5/07

Scott Klusendorf on Dr. Dobson's critics:
Their position amounts to this: Until we can legally protect all unborn humans we shouldn't protect any of them. Absurd.

Joe Carter on the movie Knocked Up.
One of the most striking aspects of the film is the use of language. Throughout the film, the obscenities flow freely, yet there is one word too obscene even for these foul-mouthed characters: abortion. When Ben tells his roommates about the pregnancy his buddy Jonah suggests that Alison get a procedure that, he says, "rhymes with 'shmashmortion'." He's quickly condemned as a "monster" by another roommate for even suggesting such an inhuman action. The only other person to hint that Alison should kill the child is her horrible mother who tells her to wait till she's ready to have a "real baby."

When adult stem cells treat human beings, it's often tough to find a story in a popular U.S. newspaper but what happens when embryonic stem cell researchers in England announce they're going to be working on finding a cure for a common form of blindness and hope they'll be able to treat a small group of patient in 5 years ? The Washington Post has a nice long article. Interestingly, the 10th paragraph of the story notes,
Surgeons at Moorfields have already restored the vision of a few patients using cells harvested from their own eyes, which were moved to a new site. But this process is complicated and only a small number of cells can be moved, limiting its use.

Lisa Birnbach displays how ignorant she is regarding Terri Schiavo (there was no cord) and Kevorkian (he didn't "assist" in Thomas Youk's death - he killed him) at the Huffington Post. She also compares whether it should be legal to kill the unborn with whether it should be legal to get the haircut of your choice.

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