Tuesday, April 16, 2013

They're nothing if not persistent - abortion advocates continue push to blame Gosnell on prolife laws

Abortion advocates continue to push the false narrative that Gosnell was allowed to continue to operate because Pennsylvania's prolife laws and no tax funded abortions forced women to seek him out instead of more expensive abortionist.  The Weekly Standard reports today they even hosted a conference call to provide these "facts" to the media.                              
When asked by THE WEEKLY STANDARD about the NAF employee's failure to report, the participants on the call admitted this was a "massive failure of oversight" but described the question as "cherry picking" "one employee from one organization." In fact, NAF describes itself as the "professional association of abortion providers in North America" and has member clinics in nearly every state in the U.S. Furthermore, as Warren Throckmorton reported, Gosnell's clinic in Philadelphia wasn't the only one at which he practiced; he also worked one day a week at an NAF-member clinic in nearby Wilmington, Delaware. Several times, Gosnell performed abortions in Philadelphia on women with whom he first met in Wilmington.   

Yeah, why is that I have yet to see a single proponent of the "prolife policies lead to Gosnells" narrative ever mention that Gosnell worked at a NAF clinic part time and got an employee (Lynda Williams) and patients from there?  Why is that these claims are typically in a post which doesn't link to the Grand Jury Report?
The reason is that a good portion of abortion advocates (individuals like Amanda Marcotte) are basically paid to keep pro-choice people uninformed.  The commentary they provide helps to keep large numbers of pro-choice people in their bubble.  Just when someone may start to question why Gosnell's clinic wasn't inspected for 17 years and think that annual abortion clinic inspections may be common sense, Marcotte and others are there to blame Gosnell on those evil prolife laws and the lack of taxpayer funding of abortion.  They're led back to the belief that if prolifers got out of the way and let pro-choicers formulate abortion policy, every abortion clinic would be clean as could be, abortion would be performed less frequently and every abortionist would be caring health care provider because women wouldn't be desperate. 

This is why someone like Marcotte or Irin Carmon will never write a story about Stephen Brigham.  They'll never talk about how an abortionist who has lost his medical license in various states is operating a multi-state abortion empire which includes starting late-term abortions in one pro-choice state (New Jersey) and caravaning women to another pro-choice state (Maryland).

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