Friday, April 19, 2013

Abortion clinic in Norfolk, Virginia to close

Hillcrest Clinic in Norfolk will close after Saturday instead of complying with Virginia's clinic regulations.  It had been open for 40 years but had been losing business lately.
Architects estimated Hillcrest would need $500,000 in renovations - including changing ventilation and temperature controls - to meet the standards, Caton said.

But that was just one reason Hillcrest made the decision to go out of business. Costs of supplies and staffing have risen, she said, while the number of women seeking to end their pregnancies has declined.

Hillcrest provided 1,629 abortions last year, compared with 2,116 in 2009, according to the state health department. The overall number of abortions in South Hampton Roads declined by nearly 18 percent in that time.

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