Thursday, April 11, 2013

Congressman calls out Obama on "deafening" silence regarding Kermit Gosnell

Props to Scott Perry (R-PA).  Via The Hill:
"Mr. President, your silence is deafening," Perry said on the House floor Thursday. "Are you so blind, are you so intractable, are you so extreme that you yourself can't even call this out for what it is, something that is reprehensible? Pro-life or pro-choice, this is reprehensible....
But Perry also blamed the press for failing to cover the trial. "The media doesn't want to talk about it," Perry said. "Not NBC, CBS, ABC, CNBC, not Fox, and not the leaders of our nation, not the president."
"It gives me great pain and sorrow to have this entered and read into the record," Perry concluded. "But since the media outlets refuse to cover this because it's uncomfortable, because it might not meet with their agenda, and because many of the leaders of this country refuse to discuss it, I think it's important that we have it read into the record, so that this history and their stories don't remain untold."

Also, note that The Hill gets the story wrong and claims Gosnell has been charged with "partial delivering seven babies" as opposed to what he actually did which was kill children after they were fully delivered. This isn't about partial-birth abortion.  It's about infanticide. 

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