Wednesday, April 17, 2013

State of Delaware investigating Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood's version of the House of Horrors is back in the news as the state of Delaware is investigating the state's largest abortion clinic for the various reports of unsanitary and unsafe conditions. 

The article from The News Journal  lists the names of two employees who are no longer working at the clinic but Planned Parenthood won't say if they were fired. 

Amelia Auner, spokeswoman for Planned Parenthood Delaware, confirmed Tuesday that Dr. Timothy Liveright, who performed abortions in Wilmington, and Gloria Johnson, who was vice president of medical services, no longer are employed by the organization. It was not clear if their departures were related to the recent investigations. Efforts to reach Liveright and Johnson on Tuesday were unsuccessful.

Liveright is an abortionist but there's not a ton I could find on him.  Here's a local prolife newsletter which mentions he performed abortions at the Planned Parenthood in Reading, Pennsylvania in 2011.  Gloria Johnson does not appear to be an abortionist but rather a medical administrator. 

The News Journal article also interviewed the nurses who blew the whistle about the unsanitary conditions.  They didn't come forward because they're prolife.

Vasikonis describes herself as "radically pro-abortion," but said she could not continue to work under the conditions she saw.

"I feel like a woman has a right to abortion for whatever reason she chooses," she said. "But she should know all of her options and understand what she is consenting to and she should have a safe procedure. That was not what was happening there. It got to the point where I could not stand it another day. I said, ‘I am going to lose my license if I stay here.' "       

Both the nurses resigned in August of 2012. So the conditions which could have played a role in the 5 recent emergency calls have been in place for 8 months. 

The article also quotes Ruth Lytle-Barnaby as Planned Parenthood of Delaware's CEO. Interestingly, the past CEO, Nanci Hoffman, retired in August of 2012. 

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