Friday, April 12, 2013

Abortion advocate Sarah Erdreich attempts to blame future Gosnells on prolife laws, fails miserably

Sarah Erdreich, the author of Generation Roe: Inside the Future of the Pro-Choice Movement, has a guest post on the Abortion Gang blog in which she attempts to claims that passing more prolife laws will create more abortionists like Kermit Gosnell.  First, she discusses Gosnell's clinic and the Grand Jury report, which seems to have read. 
Those acts, together with a grand jury report that spares no detail in describing the squalid and unhygienic conditions of Gosnell's clinic, paint a grim picture of a man that never should have been allowed to practice medicine. They also call into question just why state agencies did so little to investigate the many complaints that were made over two decades.
Actually, the Grand Jury report not only calls it into question but provides some answers (pro-choice politicians didn't want clinics inspected and their were a bunch of lazy bureaucrats), which for some reason Erdreich doesn't mention.  Nor does Erdreich mention the representative from the National Abortion Federation who visited Gosnell's squalid clinic and failed to alert authorities.  Hmmmm... wonder why? 
The state of Pennsylvania has responded by enacting new anti-choice laws that make abortion care more difficult for people to access and afford.
Post-Gosnell inspections actually closed another squalid clinic with numerous violations.  In other words, they shut down another Gosnell-type abortionist.  That's what even the threat of inspections will do.  Michigan is another great example.  A clinic is closing today likely because the 73-year-old abortionist knew his shady clinic wouldn't pass inspections. 
When a woman dies during childbirth, politicians do not insist that all hospitals adhere to new structural requirements, and activists do not claim that since a woman died, no OB/GYN should be trusted.
Ummm... that's because hospitals already adhere to structural requirements as opposed to abortion clinics which previously adhered to basically no requirements and no inspections. 
Making abortion more expensive and less accessible will not lower the abortion rate in this country.
So absurd.  Of course, making abortion more expensive and less accessible will lower the abortion rate.  That's why abortion advocates always complain about the accessibility of abortion.  They know the harder an abortion is to get, the less of them there will be. 
Instead, it will create an environment that drives women to desperate measures such as self-abortion or turning to untrained, but inexpensive, physicians.
But how will those untrained, inexpensive abortionists operate in states with prolife laws which have clinic regulations and inspections?  Oh wait, they won't.  They'll retire or close their clinics because they can't meet the regulations and pass the inspections.  So, in other words, the only places Gosnell-type abortionists will exist are in states which don't pass laws which require abortion clinics to be regulated and inspected. 

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