Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Abortion advocate Gwen Emmons should have read Gosnell Grand Jury report before commenting on it

In a piece for RH RealityCheck, abortion advocate and current Planned Parenthood of South Pennsylvania employee Gwen Emmons argues against Pennsylvania's law to regulate abortion clinics as ambulatory surgical facilities and claims that the Gosnell Grand Jury Report didn't recommend regulating abortion clinics as ambulatory surgical facilities.  Here's Emmons:
Floor debates suggested that supporters of the regulations either didn't know that abortion facilities were regulated, or conveniently ignored that fact. Rep. Baker argued that "the template for this legislation … is the grand jury report." However, it should be noted the grant jury report did not recommend regulating abortion clinics as ambulatory surgical facilities.       
I don't think Emmons read the report.  On page 248, recommendation #5 is:
5. The Pennsylvania Department of Health should license abortion clinics as ambulatory surgical facilities.           
It reads in part (my emphasis),
Gosnell's facility fell far below the basic, minimum standards of care that any
patient having a surgical procedure should expect to receive. There is no justification for
denying abortion patients the protections available to every other patient of an
ambulatory surgical facility, and no reason to exempt abortion clinics from meeting these
Whoops!  Kind of tough to claim the Grand Jury doesn't recommend something when it clearly does and when the text of the report demolishes your argument. 

Where does RH RealityCheck find these people.  Is editor Jodi Jacobson so ignorant about the Grand Jury report that she can't spot this obvious error?  Maybe Gwen, Jodi and the rest of the RH RealityCheck crew should take the time to read the Grand Jury report before posting another ignorant commentary they know next to nothing about. 

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