Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The story we've heard before

NARAL's Blog for Choice has posted a video of a woman named Dana Weinstein discussing the reasoning behind her 31-week abortion. They labeled this "The Story Anti-Choice Politicians Don't Want You to Hear." Dana's daughter had multiple brain defects and was told her daughter would most likely seize to death upon delivery. Dana was interviewed in 2011 by Mother Jones about her abortion and the National Abortion Federation had her speak at a press conference in 2011. The NAF speech is very similar to the NARAL speech except the NAF speech includes the name of diagnosed conditions and a few extra details (including the cost of her abortion and how she sued her insurance company to pay for it).

Items of note:

 During the video, Dana describes her unborn child as "my baby."

She claims she "needed" to have an abortion.

 Dana seems to believe her child felt pain while in the womb. She even describes aborting her child as "end(ing) her (the child's) pain." That kind of flies in the face of various attempts by abortion advocates to deny or undermine the idea that abortion could cause a child pain.

The reasoning is so odd to me. Dana acts like it would be horrible for women to carry a pregnancy to term that will result in the death of the child while acting like abortion is some cure-all for this. The only difference in her case was 7-9 weeks of her carrying the child. Her child still died. It's not like abortion magically made the child not exist.

Her heart ached when she felt her child move after she received the diagnosis. Was her heart cured because she choose to kill the child?

 Every time I hear one of these stories, I'm struck by the aborting parent's desire to control the situation. The diagnosis of fetal anomaly is something they can't control and abortion becomes a way for them to regain that control.

I don't see why pro-choice people think this is such a great testimony for them. People are naturally sympathetic that Dana's child was diagnosed with fetal anomalies but does your average person really sympathize with the decision to abort the child instead of bringing her to birth, especially when the child is 31 weeks?

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