Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Life Links 2/13/13

USA Today picked up the story of Jennifer Morbelli's death. 

The Stir's Adriana Velez is the first pro-choicer that I've seen attempt to comment on Morbelli's death (quite a difference from Savita Halappanavar).  A search at the RH Reality Check web site for Morbelli returns 0 results.  Velez thinks one must be "a heartless ideologue" to protest the clinic whose practices led to Morbelli's death. One wonders if she felt the same way regarding the protests after Halappanavar's death. 

A woman in Michigan gave birth to a 10-pound baby on the day she learned she was pregnant. 
Last week, Linda Ackley went to the doctor because she had some bloating in her abdomen.

Believing she might have a hernia, the doctor sent her to an Allegiance Health facility for a computerized tomography or CT scan.

The scan revealed she was pregnant.

She would deliver in three to four weeks, medical professionals at first told the Ackleys.

After a second ultrasound, however, the couple learned Linda Ackley had carried the baby a full term, 40 or more weeks.

In India, a man was sentenced to 7 years in prison after raping his cousin and coercing her to have an abortion. 

Gupta assured the girl that he would marry her and developed physical relations with her on the false promise of marriage, the police said.

It said that consequently, the girl became pregnant and the accused took her to a hospital, where against her wishes she was made to undergo abortion on the pretext that it was done to save her life.

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