Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Abortion Gang member lets the "b" word slip

I find it so strange when abortion advocate attack prolifers for using the term "baby" to describe the unborn and then they do it themselves (often when they're not talking about abortion).

From Abortion Gang member Kaitlyn on a post (language warning) about the difficulties of pregnancy (my emphasis):
I have been exposed to more images of fake baby-bumps that I have been exposed to actual people’s real, pregnant bodies. As a result, I thought pregnant bodies had sort of big, round, firm bellies, like a safe case for the baby – like a guitar in a guitar case. THIS IS NOT TRUE. A pregnant belly is a lot more like a sac that an alien is growing in, and it’s freaky. Babies move in-utero and sit on your spine, on your vital organs – one friend, while in-utero, sent her mother to bed for several months because she just loved to lie on a major artery and she CUT OFF HER MOTHER’S BLOOD SUPPLY. Once, my friend’s baby reached it’s little hand out, from the womb, to high-five me. I could see a hand trying to reach through my friend’s stomach, from the inside. Guys, pregnancy is horror-movie-level WEIRD, and that is no joke.

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