Thursday, February 28, 2013

Abortion advocate Katie Stack notes required ultrasounds are "necessary part of abortion," "standard of care" and doesn't understand pro-choice outrage

On February 21, abortion advocate (and apparently abortion clinic employee) Katie Stack tweeted with fellow abortion advocates and pointed out the absurdity of attacking legislators who want to require ultrasounds before abortion.

Maybe she didn't get the memo that the whole "Those evil prolifers forcing women to have transvaginal ultrasounds!" is PR ploy designed to demonize prolifers for simply wanting abortion clinics to comply with basic safety standards.

Katie writes:

I'm going to be totally honest here - I don't really get the outrage about required ultrasounds (transvaginal or otherwise) for abortions.

Ultrasounds are required to determine a properly located pregnancy. It's a necessary part of abortion.

I would never go to a doctor who didn't do them before and after every procedure. It's a standard of care.

They are necessary in every case.

I'm talking about responsible medical care. You can have a positive urine urine test and not be preg, or have serious factors

Other abortion advocates (Robin Marty and Leah Torres) try to bring her back into the fold by claiming "they're expensive" and legislators shouldn't tell doctors what to do.  Stack is still resistant and even notes that the media hysteria (which Stack doesn't seem to understand was created by deceptive abortion advocates) led one of her patients to "freak out" because of her clinic's required ultrasound policy.

Yeah, what I don't get is demonizing a transvaginal ultrasound when they are so often part of good medicine.

I guess. It seems like we have bigger fights. And it makes it real awkward to be a provider who requires it.

Yes. I guess my beef is with the media sensationalizing ultrasound as if its cruel or something.

I had a pt the other day freak out about our required ultrasounds because of what she saw on Maddow.


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