Wednesday, February 20, 2013

NARAL's president Ilyse Hogue used pagan rituals and the Earth's energy to build unity after being arrested at WTO protests in 1999

Ilyse Hogue (via Netroots Nation)
Yesterday, the New Republic published an article on Ilyse Hogue, NARAL Pro-Choice America's new leader.  The article is entitled, "Not in the Mood for Mellowing NARAL's new president plans an aggressive approach to the abortion debate."

What I found most interesting was that Hogue was arrested during the 1999 World Trade Organization protests in Seattle.  Hogue discussed sharing her cell with a "witch" named Star Hawk in the LA Times.
Star Hawk, the Northern California witch, offered training seminars on the uses of magic at the "convergence site," which is at the Welcome Center. Although Star Hawk was not immediately available for an interview, fans praised her talent at using ancient pagan rituals, such as the spiral dance, to impart to the disparate group a feeling of unity, "the sense that we are all part of each other," according to Ilyse Hogue, one of the protesters.

Hogue, of San Francisco, recalled that she and Star Hawk were arrested at the World Trade Organization melee in Seattle and landed in the same cell. The witch, Hogue said, buoyed everyone's spirits in jail by "recognizing that the Earth has its own energy" and tapping into it to build human solidarity.
Remember this when pro-choice advocates claims prolifers are anti-science.  At around the age of 30, their leader, with the help of a witch named Star Hawk, was magically obtaining the Earth's energy by spiritual dance in an effort to build solidarity. 

You can't make this up!

Also amazing is how the New Republic article, written by Molly Redden, links to the LA Times article but doesn't mention any of the crazy, witchcraft, ancient pagan ritual, Earth's energy mumbo-jumbo.  The leader of one of America's biggest pro-choice organizations was praising witchcraft 13 years ago and that's not worth a mention?  Are you kidding me? 

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