Thursday, February 28, 2013

Ohio abortion clinic forces women to have two transvaginal ultrasounds with RU-486 abortions

Abortion advocates from Amanda Marcotte to Robin Marty to Katie Halper vilified Indiana legislators for introducing legislation which would require women having RU-486 medication abortions to have two ultrasounds, one before the abortion and one after.

If you read the text of the legislation it doesn't require transvaginal ultrasounds just that the abortionist before the abortion "(c)onduct ultrasound imaging or oversee fetal ultrasound imaging" and after the abortion "confirm that the pregnancy is terminated by conducting ultrasound imaging." 

Marcotte called the requirement, "(r)itualized humiliation for the one in three American women who will get an abortion in her lifetime, at the behest of a prudish state."

Halper claimed, "The bill makes no medical sense, whatsoever, and is a clear attempt to discourage women from taking RU 486, by adding two unnecessary trips to an abortion clinic and two unnecessary uncomfortable procedures to it."

Is an abortion clinic which requires two ultrasounds (at least one of which and likely both are of the transvaginal variety) also making "no medical sense" and humiliating women?  Are they trying to discourage women from having abortions?  Are they prudish? 

Because that's what Preterm Abortion Clinic in Cleveland requires. 

From their Abortion Services - Medication page:
During your first appointment, you'll have lab tests, a medical history review, and an ultrasound.
From their follow-up appointment web page:
You'll take a pregnancy test and meet with a nurse to go over information about how you are doing physically. If you had a surgical abortion, you will have a pelvic exam. If you had a medication abortion, you will have a trans-vaginal ultrasound. (Please wear a two-piece outfit.)

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