Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Life Links 1/5/11

Jose Ruba provides Ruba's Law in response to individuals who quickly cite Godwin's law.
Often, the person citing Godwin’s Law never judges the merit of the argument or the comparison and uses the Law to not have to think about the claims made, simply assuming that the comparison is illegitimate. The only reason why the claims are considered illegitimate then is because others make Holocaust comparisons without merit or rationale.

Thus, when Godwin’s Law is invoked, Ruba’s Law can be invoked in response, to point out that citing Godwin’s Law does not actually refute the claims of those making the Holocaust comparison. Rather, it has simply become an excuse to not have to think about the comparison and to delegitimize the person making the comparison.

A doctor who works at a Catholic hospital in Virginia is under review because someone has complained that he also performs abortions at Planned Parenthood.
Dr. Richard Willard is an OB-GYN with an office on the fifth floor of the DePaul Medical Building.

There has been a complaint he is associated with Bon Secours Depaul Medical Center which is a Catholic Health Care Ministry while performing abortions at Planned Parenthood on Newtown Road.....

Willard did not return our phone call, but a similar concern was lodged against him in 2005, and he was investigated by an independent moral theologian who determined since the procedures did not occur on property, DePaul was within the Catholic moral teachings.

Pro-choice blogger Amanda Marcotte (language warning) again shows that she knows next to nothing about fetal development.
Fetuses have heartbeats, but so do brain dead people on life support and tissue grown in the lab---which are both closer to what a fetus pre-brain development is.
Does Amanda imagine that a human unborn child at 9 weeks (which is when the fetal period begins) doesn't have a brain?

The Belfast Telegram has an article on Sive McDonald, Ireland's smallest newborn.
“We were told babies don't survive outside the womb unless they are more than 24 weeks. Sive was 23 weeks and five days.”

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