Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Life Links 1/19/11

Randall Terry is supposedly planning to run against President Obama in the 2012 Democratic presidential primary so he can run television ad featuring images of aborted children.
While TV networks occasionally reject ads based on controversial or graphic content, the Federal Communications Act requires broadcasters to provide legally qualified political candidates fair access to ad time and forbids them from censoring ads "in any way, or for any reason." Terry said he's confident he can raise the $2.5 million for a Super Bowl spot and that CBS would broadcast it.

The San Francisco Chronicle has another story on Planned Parenthood's efforts to take back its share of San Francisco's abortion business from its former affiliate.
The phones started ringing Tuesday at San Francisco's Planned Parenthood clinic for the first time since early September.....

Neither the San Francisco nor the Santa Rosa Planned Parenthood clinics offer abortion services now, but both centers expect to start performing abortions sometime next month.....

Estes said Shasta Pacific's primary goal is to get full-service Planned Parenthood clinics in all of the four new counties it serves. In addition to the San Francisco and Santa Rosa sites, Planned Parenthood is set to open a clinic next month in Mill Valley and is scouting for sites in Ukiah in Mendocino County.

Thousands of people attended Washington State's annual March for Life.

A pharmacist in New York State recently pled guilty to a violation of the Abortion Control Act after he applied misoprostol to a woman who was pregnant with his child. One of my blog posts from April notes that he did this after the woman canceled an abortion appointment and slipped her the drugs on her birthday.
Tercero was charged by Sayre Police Officer Nathan Ross. Police charged that Tercero, a pharmacist, had applied misoprostol, a drug with abortifacient effects, on a Sayre woman who was pregnant with his child. The woman was not aware that Tercero was applying the drug.....
Oddly, the woman went on to marry him.
In the Tercero case, the mother of the unborn child later married the Defendant, Orbin Tercero. She advised us that she no longer wished to cooperate with the prosecution and wanted it terminated. She could be compelled to testify or the Commonwealth could use her prior testimony, but her attitude might have an impact on the case.

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