Monday, January 17, 2011

Life Links 1/17/11

An article at, which notes that three New Jersey Planned Parenthood affiliates may start doing abortions, provides more information about Planned Parenthood's new policy that it's affiliate must provide abortions.
The national group wants one abortion site operating in each of its 85 regions or affiliates by the end of 2013, David said. New Jersey has five affiliates, and two operate abortion clinics: The Central Jersey affiliate, at its Shrewsbury center in Monmouth County; and the Mercer County affiliate, at its Trenton and Hamilton facilities. That could mean three more abortion sites in the state, unless the affiliates convince the national office more are not needed.

NARAL's 2011 "Who Decides?" Report gives our nation a "D" with regards to abortion legislation. The report is dedicated to Janet Napolitano who vetoed prolife legislation when she was Arizona's governor. Too bad for NARAL, she didn't stay governor.
After Napolitano was nominated to serve as President Barack Obama's secretary of Homeland Security, her successor, anti-choice Jan Brewer (R), immediately released the flood of anti-choice legislation that Sec. Napolitano had held off. In just under two years in office, Gov. Brewer has managed to sign eight anti-choice bills.'s blog compares NARAL's state rankings with the Guttmacher Institute's state abortion rate data. Unsurprisingly, states with higher NARAL grades (and fewer prolife laws) tend to have higher abortion rates.

A car struck a prolife protester in Florida after a teenage driver took her eyes off the road. The protesters were protesting at the home of abortionist Phillip Waterman.

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