Monday, January 24, 2011

Life Links 1/24/11

Joe Carter notes the latest P.Z. Myers' abortion post in which Myers writes that he sees "meat" when he looks at pictures of dead babies.

Everysaturdaymorning, the blog of abortion clinic escort attempts to answer what "choice" means.
Jill Stanick wants to ask what does choice really mean. I think it means public funding of abortions at 6 weeks, at 12 weeks at 20 weeks, at 24 weeks.

Why not 28 weeks? Or 32 weeks? Or 36? We aren't told. Apparently a woman's choice ends at 24 weeks for some reason. Why isn't "choice" celebrated past 24 weeks? Does a woman suddenly lose the ability to "decide what's best for her and her family" when she's 24 weeks pregnant?

In the comments section (at 9:31:21 on January 20) of one of her DoubleX posts, Amanda Marcotte shares how evidence isn't something she likes to deal with. Instead, her "moral compass" teaches her that all late-term abortions must be life-of-the-mother/fetal anomaly abortions.
My moral compass tells me women are human beings. Therefore, they behave like human beings, and if they want to terminate a pregnancy by choice, they will do so as early as possible.

Christina at Real Choice is working on creating a wiki for abortionist Kermit Gosnell's crimes.

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