Monday, January 24, 2011

Did Pennsylvania's prolife laws force women to go to Gosnell?

That's what Amanda Marcotte alleges in a recent piece on the RH Reality Check blog in which she blames the Philadelphia Horror on "anti-choice irresponsibility" along with making a motherload of other unsupported claims.

Apparently, not providing tax dollars for abortions is what allows clinics like Gosnell's to thrive. It's not pro-choice governors concerned that inspecting clinics would lead to less access, it's not an array of lazy, apathetic government bureaucrats.

Nope, it's a lack of free abortions.

Amanda's evidence for this.....well.... let's just say evidence isn't Marcotte's strong suit. I guess this is the closest thing to a case she makes:
Considering that Pennsylvania is one of the least welcoming states for women and their reproductive health, it’s actually pretty unsurprising that a dirty operator would set up shop there. There is, after all, a huge customer base of women who have so many legal and financial obstacles in their way to getting an abortion that they’re desperate enough to go to him.

If this is the case, then you'd think states which don't have a lot of prolife laws and allow tax dollars to pay for abortions would be completely free of Gosnell-type abortionists? Right?

The problem with this is that Steven Brigham, a Gosnell-type abortionist, operated for years in New Jersey and Maryland until he recently got busted after botching a late-term abortion. Brigham, like Gosnell, frequently would perform abortions on post-viable children.

Both states allow tax dollars to pay for abortions.

New Jersey recently got an A- from NARAL while Maryland got an A.

Interestingly, I was unable to find a single Marcotte commentary on Steven Brigham and how his actions were the fault of "anti-choice irresponsibility."


  1. I guess prochoicers are as bad at geography as they are at embryology. Brigham, who wasn't allowed to practice in Pennsylvania, advertised in PA and brought them to Jersey. But Gosnell's patients often came from more abortion-friendly Jersey and Maryland.

  2. Amanda Marcotte failed to mention the pro-choice movement's dirty little secret and how it fits into the Gosnell scandal. 67% of abortions in this country are forced or coerced, done on women who don't want them. Maybe the woman was taken to the clinic late in pregnancy because that's how long it took to break her will.

    It seems that Gosnell was prepared to cooperate with people who were coercing abortions. Women who were not submissive enough were drugged into a zombie state at that clinic. Also, the emergency exit was padlocked shut, to prevent women from escaping. The overuse of drugs and the padlocked exit should raise red flags that forced and coerced abortions were being done there.
    This is not the pro-lifers fault. It's the fault of the pro-abortion politicians who decided not to inspect abortion clinics anymore, and who looked the other way when they got reports that horrible things were happening at Gosnell's clinic.
    People who force abortions look for unethical abortionists, because the ethical ones won't do abortions under these conditions. Gosnell definitely wasn't ethical. So he was the perfect person to force your rebellious girlfriend to when she won't abort as you say.