Monday, January 03, 2011

Life Links 1/3/10

Advanced Cell Technology says the FDA has granted permission for their second clinical trial using cell created from human embryonic stem cells. The first trial approved late in 2010 was for Stargardt macular dystrophy. This one will be for macular degeneration, which causes vision loss.
Advanced Cell's trial will start by treating a single patient with an injection of 50,000 cells, Lanza said. If no safety problems are seen, two more patients will receive the same dosage, he said. Subsequent patients will get higher doses to find the most effective safe therapy, Lanza said.

The Susan B. Anthony List has interviews with the candidates for the Republican National Committee Chair.

Timothy Carney writes that he thinks almost any discussion on abortion helps the prolife side.
The pro-choice side talking about "reproductive freedom" or "our bodies, our choice," sounds to me like Southerners who want the discussion of the Civil War to end at "states' rights." They're avoiding the substance of the matter.

Talking about -- and especially reporting on -- actual abortions is good for those who want abortion to end. Often I think nearly any discussion of abortions -- whatever the tone -- helps make people more repulsed by them.

Linda Greenhouse, the former NY Times Supreme Court reporter, discusses the A, B, and C vs. Ireland abortion case.
The court did take the European consensus into account. But, perversely, it used that fact not on the women's behalf, but against them, emphasizing Irish women's ability to travel to any of dozens of countries, with "no legal impediment," to end their pregnancies. Given that ability, the court concluded, Irish law "struck a fair balance."

So this is the bottom line for abortion rights in Ireland — rich women and poor can sleep under the same bridge board the same plane.

Ordinarily I would not devote a column to the decision of a non-U.S. court, in the jurisprudence of which I claim no particular expertise. But as I finished reading this opinion, I had the eerie feeling that I was peering into a domestic future.

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