Thursday, October 30, 2008

So much for Proposal 2's “life-saving cures”

Imagine spending at least $8 million dollars to pass a proposal whose stated goal is to allow Michigan scientists to create new embryonic stem cells in Michigan by killing human embryos but then claiming even if the proposal passes you may not be able to create those lines because you won’t have the funding. That’s what Sue O’Shea, the head of the University of Michigan’s Michigan Center for Human Embryonic Stem Cell Research recently told Nature. Here’s the quote from the article:
"So even if (Proposal 2) does pass, it won't necessarily allow us to develop any new embryonic stem-cell lines," O'Shea says. "It will just make life easier knowing we can do it."

It’s just sickening how these scientists have blatantly deceived all these people suffering from the worst of maladies by promising them cures when they know Proposal 2 won’t lead to any cures. It’s beyond vile. A couple of scientists and a few politicians who want to advance their agenda have fooled rich donors like Al Taubman and nearly half the state of Michigan into believing that passing Proposal 2 is actually going to bring about some miracle of medicine in Michigan.

The latest commercial spot in favor of Proposal 2 feature an adorable little girl with juvenile diabetes. Another features a man with Parkinson’s. Both ads have text which says, “Proposal 2 will allow vital stem cell research to discover life saving cures.”

False hope can only blind someone for so long, right? There has got to come a time when these people realize that Sue O’Shea and Sean Morrison are lying to them. Both of those scientists know that Proposal 2 won’t allow some kind of new, “vital stem cell research” since both are already performing research on human embryonic stem cells. Both of them know killing human embryos in Michigan for their cells instead of importing embryonic stem cell lines from other states won’t quicken research. Both of them know that Proposal 2 won’t bring a single patient closer to a single treatment or cure.

$8 million+ dollars is a whole heck of a lot of money so Sue O’Shea and Sean Morrison can have some peace of mind.

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