Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Life Links 10/21/08

The Detroit News is featuring an article on a Michigan couple who adopted embryos and have given birth to a son.
"I feel very blessed I got to experience pregnancy and labor and delivery in all of its glory and to be able to breast feed now," she said.

The couple still has four other frozen embryos, genetic siblings of Greyson, which they plan to use in a year in hopes of giving him at least one brother or sister.

In the meantime, they still look at a black-and-white photo that looks like three flowers with several petals.

The picture is actually of the three embryos that were implanted in Rachelle's womb, one of which developed into Greyson.

"Isn't that crazy?" she said. "Out of that tiny little speck came this beautiful child."

Are all Planned Parenthood willing to lie to promote their organization? Maybe not but Aurora Jewell from Planned Parenthood's Tacoma affiliate certinaly is. In a piece in the Chicago Sun-Times about the 40 Days for Life vigil outside of abortion clinics, Jewell "said people with the Tacoma vigil have harassed and intimidated patients and staff members this fall at the Tacoma Health Center."

Her one example of this vicious intimidation and harrassment?
She said she's been told to find a better job.
Oh, those mean, vicious, derogratory prolife people!!

The Scientific American blog is claiming The Scientist is reporting the FDA could approve Geron's clinical trial to use cell derived from embryonic stem cells to treat spinal cord patients in early 2009. I don't have a subscription to the Scientist so I can't where this information is coming from but I'm guessing it will give Geron another chance to not meet expectations.

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