Thursday, October 16, 2008

Random debate thoughts

How many different ways can John McCain say Americans are angry and hurting. We’re also hurting and angry. We’re angry. And we’re hurting.

I think Barack Obama’s use of natural pauses and umms/uhhs really helps him get his thoughts in order before he says what he wants to say. McCain seems to barely use these kind of natural pauses and instead can sometimes start with one thought, stop, and then go in another direction. From the perspectives of how they say things, Obama does a much better job of clearly explaining what he’s talking about.

Was it me or did that stupid question about the tone of the election and the answers to it go on for 10 minutes too long. With all the domestic policies issues out there, do we really need to spend 15 minutes talking about whose campaign is more negative? The question seemed almost designed to bring more heat and less light to the debate. Same with question about running mates. Pointless.

Why does John McCain never call out Obama on the fact that it’s impossible to give 95% of Americans an income tax cut because not that many Americans pay income taxes?

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