Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Life Links 10/8/08

Douglas Johnson compiles the case against Barack Obama on prolife issues and the mainstream media's failure to highlight Obama's positions on issues like tax-funded abortions and the Freedom of Choice Act.

David Lewis Schaefer puts some honesty in the debate about Roe v. Wade and what would happen if it was overturned.

The Columbus Dispatch has an article on a case where Planned Parenthood failed to notify the parents of a 14-year-old girl who had an abortion. They also failed to report statutory rape to the authorities. The girl's parents are now suing Planned Parenthood and a portion of the lawsuit will be argued at the Ohio Supreme Court.
Planned Parenthood lawyer Daniel J. Buckley denied that the medical provider shirks its responsibility to inform authorities of abuse.
Yeah, too bad Students for Life of America has some rather convincing evidence that Planned Parenthood employees fail to report statutory rape when they are aware of it.

Proposal 2 backers are bringing in the big guns to raise money for them. Bill Clinton will speak at a fundraiser at the Oakland County Airport. The minimum price for a seat is $500. The article by Tanner Ali has this passage,
"This decision has huge implications for the university. ... This decision has huge implications for the state," Taubman said, adding that 8,000 jobs would be created instantly if the ballot proposal is passed.

Michigan has some of the most stringent stem cell research laws in the country, with scientists using new human embryos for research facing a $10 million fine and up to 10 years in prison.
8,000 jobs instantly created because researchers at the University of Michigan can kill human embryos instead of merely importing stem cell lines? Only a complete idiot would believe that. The ridiculous "economics" study funded by proponents of killing embryos only estimated something like 400 biotech jobs and 300 additional jobs.

Also, the $10 million fine and 10 years in jail is the maximum punishment for human cloning not killing human embryos for research. The Detroit News and Free Press constantly get this wrong because they're just parroting a talking point of proponents of killing human embryos for research and haven't ever actually taken the time to read Michigan's law.

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