Thursday, October 02, 2008

"Big problems with Proposal 2? That's okay, just change them later"

The Detroit News and the Detroit Free Press and their cookie cutter editorial board writers can’t help themselves from again falsely calling Michigan’s law against killing human embryos a ban on embryonic stem cell research. Why their editorial board writers continue to promote this lie over and over again is just more evidence they aren’t trustworthy news sources.

What I love most (besides the non-stop throwing around of the "embryonic stem cell ban" line in a state where embryonic stem cell research is federally funded) is the defense in both papers of how Proposal 2 prevents any state or local restrictions on human embryo research. State Senator Tom George recently highlighted this rather large problem in a Free Press editorial. The Free Press writes, “But that doesn't preclude the Legislature from seeking another constitutional change if that appears warranted” while the News notes, “Opponents warn that other language in this amendment, which prohibits future regulations on this research, could be problematic, and they have a point. In a new area of research, regulation may be necessary. But if that necessity arises, a process is in place to revise the state Constitution.”

Yeah, because changing the state Constitution is something that’s just so easy to do. It’s not like it takes millions of dollars to pass ballot proposals or anything.

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